Temporary Documents

Documents of the 55th IG meeting (21-22 September 2022) & IAFS Multiplier Event (20 September 2022) in Lisbon / PT at the Portuguese Air Force Academy – available until the 56th IG meeting 

General Documents LoD-specific Documents


 Invitation Letter

 Admin Information

 Priority list for booking Hotels


 Link to Registration (Deadline: 02 Sep 2022)




IAFS-Documents Other Support Documents


 2021 12 30 EU Academic Semesters.doc



Documents of the LoD-10 Gender Seminar (03 May 2022) and 54th IG meeting (04-05 May 2022) / Larnaca / CY – available until the 55th IG meeting 

General Documents LoD-10 Gender Seminar Documents

 Agenda IG Meeting

 _2022 05 04_05 Gell Agenda Briefing 54th Meeting_V_03.pdf

 _2022 05 04_05 Gell Agenda Briefing 54th Meeting_V_03.pptx


 CY 54th IG Meeting and LoD 10 Gender Seminar v_05.pdf

 CY Practical Information ver_02.pdf


 AT TMA Int_l Winter Semester 2022.pdf

 AT TMA tMAF Presentation 2022 11 07_11.pdf

 BE RMA Int_l Semester Presentation 54th IG.pdf

 BG RNDC Int's semesters.pdf

 CZ UoD EUMACS 2022.pdf


 ES SNA training week 2022 11 14_19.pdf

 EU EDA Offer for Webinar by GR.pdf

 FR University Marseille Berthelet 2022 03 08.pdf

 FR University Marseille Berthelet CV.pdf

 GR HAA Questionnaire for Module Evaluation.pdf

 GR HAFA Presentation Unmanned Aerial Systems.pdf

 GR HNA Post Maritime Security 28 March-1 April 2022.pdf

 IT ITNA Int_l Fall Semester and LS Seminar.pdf

 IT SAMS 2022-23 IT-Army semesters.pdf

 LT MAL Winter Semester 2022 ver_02.pdf

 LT MAL Invitation to ISF 2022.pdf

 LV NDAL IG Meeting in Riga.pdf

 LV NDAL Riga RAP guide.mp4

 PL MUT Armament and Missile Technology Intern-Curriculum_v3 2022 04 29.pdf

 PL MUT AT and AMT Internship.pdf

 PL MUT Sailing Competitions Sept 2022.pdf

 PL MUT_International Week Oct 2022.pdf

 PT PAFA 55 IG_Meeting and ME Ver_02.pdf

 PT PAFA IAFSemester 2022-23.pdf

 RO MTA IMINT_GEOINT Administrative information.pdf

 RO RNA International Offers 2022-2023.pdf

 CY CSDA Gender Seminar 2022 05 03 Invitation.pdf

 CY CSDA Gender Seminar 2022 05 03 Agenda Ver_02.pdf

 2022 05 03 Gender Seminar Workshop Syndicates Ver_02.pdf

 2022 03 16 Non-Common Module_Description - Gender Perspectives.pdf




























Other Support Documents LoD-specific Documents

 2021 12 30 EU Academic Semesters.doc

   2021_2022 Incoming Instructors and Staff.xlsx

   2021_2022 Incoming Students.xlsx

   2021_2022 VIRTUAL Incoming Instructors and Staff.xlsx

   2021_2022 VIRTUAL Incoming Students.xlsx

 2022 04 06 Nomination Letter Perin for chairperson LoD-11.pdf

 2022 03 20 Nomination Letter Popa for chairperson LoD-11.pdf


 LoD-07_Meeting_54rd IG Meeting_Larnaca_05MAY2022_VF.pdf

 LoD-08 2022 05 plenary.pdf


 LoD-10  REPORT - 54th IG Meeting _May 2022.pdf

 LoD-11 ESDC INS.pdf

 LoD-11 RO RNA New Projects 2022-2023.pdf

 LoD-12 GR HAFA 2022 05 05 54th IG plenary meeting Presentation.pdf

 LoD-13 54_IGMeeting.pdf


 LoD-14 2022 05 02 List Research_PoCs.doc

 LoD-15 - Larnaca 2022.pdf