Temporary Documents

Documents of the 56th IG meeting (05-07 December 2022) in Gdynia / PL at the Polish Naval Academy – available until the 57th IG meeting 

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 Admin Information


 Link to registration (registration is closed)


 _2022 12 03 Gell Emilyo at a glance.pptx

 _2022 12 03 Gell Emilyo at a glance.pdf

 _2022 12 05_07 Gell Agenda Briefing 56th Meeting_V_01.pptx

 _2022 12 05_07 Gell Agenda Briefing 56th Meeting_V_01.pdf


 _2022 12 04 Gell Briefing CSDP Olympiad 2024.pdf

 2022 11 18 Gell proposals for CSDP Olympiad 2024 topics.pdf

 2022 10 26 RO NDU Application iMAF Membership.pdf

 2022 11 09 Nomination Letter Prof KOTSIOPOULOS.pdf


 BG NMU International Staff Week.pdf

 BG RNDC Int'l semester 2023.pdf

 BG RNDC 57 IG Meeting_Ver_02.pdf

 EE EMA Winter warfare 2023 presentation.pdf

 ES SAFA International Week 2022.pdf

 ES SAFA Leadership CM Proposal 2023.pdf

 ES SNA training week feedback.pdf


 FR FASFA plaquette mastere Defsis 05.pdf

 GR HAA ISS 2023_1.pdf

 GR HAFA PRESENTATION upcoming 56th IG.pdf

 GR HMACSO CM Budget_Finance 2023 02 20_24 Presentation.pdf

 HU NUPS EU_Secure_project_ESDC_IG.pdf

 IT SAMS 2022 12 IT-Army GDYNIA PAST.pdf

 IT SAMS 2022 12 IT-Army GDYNIA FUTURE.pdf

 LT MAL Int'l Semester+Cyber Sec CM MAL 2022.pdf

 PT PMA Int'l Spring Semester 2023 03 06_06 02 Presentation.pdf

 RO LFA Sibiu international events 2023.pdf

 SK AFA Allrounder 2023.pdf

 SK AFA Video All Rounder 2021.mp4

 LoD-5 Chair Nomination-Letter Ragies.pdf

 LoD-7 Brochure Financing 2022 12 07.pdf

 LoD-7 Handbook Financing 2022 12 02.pdf

 LoD-17 Air Defense International Semester 1.pdf

Other Documents Other Support Documents

 2021 12 30 EU Academic Semesters.doc



Documents of the 55th IG meeting (21-22 September 2022) & IAFS Multiplier Event (20 September 2022) in Lisbon / PT at the Portuguese Air Force Academy – available until the 56th IG meeting 

General Documents LoD-specific Documents

 Agenda - remark: departure on Monday from the roundabout at 19:00

 Invitation Letter

 Admin Information

 Priority list for booking Hotels



 2022 09 19 Gell Emilyo at a glance.pdf

 2022 09 21_22 Gell Agenda Briefing 55th Meeting_V_05.pdf


 CY CSDA  Link to video Common Module ML B in Cyprus

 CZ UoD Presentation EUMACS 2022.pptx

 EE EMA Winter warfare 22 23_presentation.pdf

 ES SAFA CSDP CM 2022.pdf

 GR HAA Standardising Module Evaluation in EMILYO.pdf

 GR HAA ISS 2023.pdf

 GR HAFA Presentation 55th IG.pdf

 GR HAFA iMAF_2023 ver_02.pdf

 LV NDAL CMO_presentation.pdf

 LT MAL Exchange Experience MAL 2022.pdf

 PL PAFU Presentation without video.pdf

 PL PAFU Link to video international week


 PL PNA Admin Info Gdynia 56th IG.pdf

 PT PMA 2023_PMA_ISS_2023_vf.pdf

 PT PMA IMLA Book IG_SET2022.pdf

 PT PMA Sabbatical leave project.pdf

 SK AFA Leaflet ALLROUNDER 2022.pdf

 SK AFA Science  Military - Call for Papers.pdf

 LoD-6_2nd Meeting_22 September 2022_Final.pdf

 LOD-7 Questionnaire_55 IG Meeting ver_02.pdf

 LoD-7_Meeting_55th IG Meeting_Lisbon_21 and 22_September_2022 ver_02.pdf

 LoD-7_Presentation_55th IG Meeting_Lisbon_22_September_2022.pdf

 LoD-8 2022 09.pdf

 LoD-9 22.09.2023 EMUN .pdf

 LoD-11 202209 INS LoD11-IG55.pdf

 LoD-12 GR HAFA 2022 09 22 55th IG plenary meeting Presentation.pdf

 LoD-13 55IGMeeting_LoD13_22_09.2022.pdf


 LoD-14_E02_CommonThesis 2022 09 05.pdf

 LoD-15 chairperson - Lisbon Sep 2022.pdf

 LoD-16 EU Military Academy.pdf

 RO HCAFA LoD-17 Air defense chairman.pdf

 RO HCAFA LoD-17 Air defense presentation.pdf










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 2021 12 30 EU Academic Semesters.doc