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 Invitation Letter

 Information Briefing

 Administrative paper - please read carefully.pdf


Please register by 24 July 2018 for the Athens Marathon

Please register by 14 September 2018 for the Trireme Rowing   


Link to registration for Commandants/Superintendents & Aide de Camp

Link to registration for IG Members

Link to registration for Escort Officers of Cadets

Link to registration for Cadets


Please book one of the following hotels by 30 September 2018 

For networking purposes the IG Chairman recommends to book rooms at Hotel Civitel Attik (just for IG members).

Reservation Form (as word-download)
Please send the form to the e-mail addresses mentioned on the form

Webpage Remarks

Reservation Form 2-star Hotel Des Roses.doc  

Reservation Form 4-star Hotel Civitel Attik.doc preferably for IG members

Reservation Form 4-star Hotel Cocomat Nafsika.doc